Profile email recipients

Starting from a list of University of Bristol staff email addresses, ExaMiner will display their research profiles, optionally also matching them to find networks of similar research.

NHS addresses of University staff can work too. Non-University addresses are ignored.

Email addresses separated by commas or new lines.  Hint: pasting straight from an email cc lists works!


  • Step 1: Enter a list of University of Bristol staff email addresses, e.g. copy and pasted from an email cc list.

    Step 2: Choose whether to match researchers. This will find networks of similar research, displaying them as an social network diagram.

    Step 3: Optionally, if matching researchers, use the slider to adjust the strength of similarity required to appear as a connection on the diagram. Hint: higher strengths produce fewer, but more meaningful, links on the diagram.

    Step 4: Click Submit. ExaMiner will display the details and, after a while, the research profile for each person.
    Note: The profile is based on the text of publications held in the Iris publications database.