ExaMiner demonstrations

Mining and mapping the research landscape

ExaMiner mines and maps the University of Bristol's research web sites to produce new ways of searching, accessing and visualising the landscape of our world-class research portfolio.

Try out the following prototype ExaMiner tools developed with support from the University Research Committee. Coverage is not comprehensive; these are only demonstrations of the ExaMiner technology, not live services.

Find a researcher

Paste some text into a form, for example a few keywords or the abstract of a paper, and ExaMiner will find the most similar researchers in a selected school or department.

Find similar research

Define the research you would like to find by browsing through and selecting examples from a list of schools, departments and reseachers, and ExaMiner will find similar examples.

Find research for news

Select a current news story from a choice of independent news feeds and ExaMiner will find related researchers and research groups at the University of Bristol based on the text of the story.

Find research networks

Select one or more schools or departments and ExaMiner will cross-match all their researchers to find networks of similar research, displaying them as a social network diagram.

Profile email recipients

Paste a list of University of Bristol researcher email addresses into a form and Examiner will display their research profiles, optionally also matching them to find networks of similar research.

ExaMiner was developed as a collaboration between the Intelligent Systems Laboratory in the School of Engineering and IT Services R&D/ILRT.

Further information:

Exabyte Informatics

  • ExaMiner uses data mining technology developed under the Exabyte Informatics research theme. Additional tools are available to researchers within the University as part of the Exabyte Research Hub.
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