SubSift: “How It Works” Publication

An article to appear in the December 2009 issue of ACM SIGKDD Explorations, explains in detail how the SubSift software matches submitted conference papers to potential peer reviewers based on similarity to published works. This “how it works” article, titled “Novel Tools To Streamline the Conference Review Process: Experiences from SIGKDD’09“, has been co-authored by the developers of SubSift at the University of Bristol, in collaboration with Microsoft Research, Cambridge and Rensselaer Polytechnic, New York.

Abstract: The SIGKDD’09 Research Track received 537 paper submissions, which were reviewed by a Program Committee of 199 members, and a Senior Program Committee of 22 members. We used techniques from artificial intelligence and data mining to streamline and support this complicated process at three crucial stages: bidding by PC members on papers, assigning papers to reviewers, and calibrating scores obtained from the reviews. In this paper we report on the approaches taken, evaluate how well they worked, and describe some further work done after the conference.

A pre-print of the article is available here.