API Method: document items importing

HEAD /:user_id/documents/:folder_id/import/:bookmarks_id

Tests whether web pages being imported from the specified bookmarks folder into the specified documents folder are still being fetched by SubSift's harvester robot. This method can be polled to detect when the SubSift harvester robot has fetched all the requested web pages. Do not poll more frequently than every minute. Returns a 200 OK HTTP status code if there are web pages still to be fetched. Otherwise returns 404 Not Found.



Formats (about return formats):

Irrelevant because no response body is returned.

HTTP Methods (about HTTP methods):


Clients that can not issue HEAD requests can use GET with the added parameter _method=HEAD

Requires Authentication (about authentication):



Usage Examples:

cURL (about cURL):

curl -X HEAD -H "Token:mytoken" http://subsift.ilrt.bris.ac.uk/kdd09/documents/pc/import/pc-senior

Response (about return values):

A response header is returned with the result in the HTTP status. No response body is returned.