API Method: bookmark items exists

HEAD /:user_id/bookmarks/:folder_id/items/:item_id

Tests whether the specified bookmark item exists in the specified bookmarks folder. Returns a 200 OK HTTP status code if the bookmark item exists. Otherwise returns 404 Not Found.



Formats (about return formats):

Irrelevant because no response body is returned.

HTTP Methods (about HTTP methods):


Clients that can not issue HEAD requests can use GET with the added parameter _method=HEAD

Requires Authentication (about authentication):

true  if folder's mode property is set to private
false  if folder's mode property is set to public


Usage Examples:

cURL (about cURL):

curl -I -X HEAD http://subsift.ilrt.bris.ac.uk/kdd09/bookmarks/pc/items/Peter%20Flach

Response (about return values):

A response header is returned with the result in the HTTP status. No response body is returned.