SubSift submission sifting

SubSift matches submitted conference/journal papers to potential peer reviewers based on similarity to published works.

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About SubSift

SubSift on Google Code

SubSift is an innovative "submission sifting" application to support academic peer review. SubSift matches submitted conference or journal papers to potential peer reviewers based on their similarity to published works of prospective reviewers in online bibliographic databases, such as Google Scholar. SubSift is implemented as a collection of web services designed to support not only peer review but also personalised data discovery and mashups in tools like Yahoo! Pipes. SubSift's web services are hosted on this site as a research community resource, but the software itself is also open source and available for download from Google Code.


SubSift was developed by the Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT) at the University of Bristol, based on an innovative application from the Intelligent Systems Laboratory. The project was funded by the UK Joint Information Services Council (JISC) under the Rapid Innovation strand of the Information Environment Programme 2009-11. SubSift is part of the University's Exabyte Informatics Research Theme.